WP4 Dissemination & user integration

This work package will:

-understand the current perspective of individuals in different pre-RA phases about 1) RA; 2) the meaning and perception of "risk” and "risk assessment”; 3) the utility of predictive tests in the context of RA; 4) their willingness to undergo predictive tests for RA

-develop strategies and tools for communication with and education of individuals in different at risk phases about: 1)the different stages of RA and the prognosis of RA; 2) the role of interacting biomarkers in prediction of the development of RA; 3) how lifestyle and behaviour factors affect the risk of developing RA and how these can/should be modulated

-assess the impact of these communication and education strategies on an individual's willingness to undergo predictive tests and their subsequent behaviour

-disseminate information from this project to relevant stakeholders


Work Package Leads

Professor Karim Raza, University of Birmingham
Professor Ingilief Jónsdóttir, deCODE


Work Package partners

University of Birmingham

University of Manchester

Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum

ORGENTEC Diagnostika GmbH

Karolinska Institutet


Medizinische Universität Wien

Uppsala Universitet


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