The EuroTEAM project has been funded by the European Union for 4 years and started in November 2012.
Through EuroTEAM, approaches will be developed to predict the onset of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in people who do not yet have the disease.  Ultimately, this will help in the development of treatments to prevent people from getting RA in the first place.  The EuroTEAM project is supported through the European Union's FP7 Health Programme, under the grant agreement FP7-HEALTH-F2-2012-305549.  

EuroTEAM Annual Meeting 6-7 Feb 2014

EuroTEAM staff profile

Professor Chris Buckley, University of Birmingham - EuroTEAM Principal Investigator

Professor Josef Smolen awarded an honorary doctorate by Leiden University

Professor Ingileif Jónsdóttir receives national honour for immunology research

EuroTEAM annual meeting 2014 EuroTEAM is 1
EuroTEAM annual meeting 2014
6-7 Feb 2014
EuroTEAM is 1
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The journey from health to the development of RA

Phases in the development of rheumatoid arthritis

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